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Pocket (Individual) Spring Technology

Each pocket spring is individually wrapped in a textile material enabling free movement and stops partner disturbance due to movement. Pocket Spring does not carry movement over to the partner. Eliminating sleep interruption enables you to achieve deep sleep.

Latest introduction is 5 ZONE POCKET SPRINGS with smaller diameters. This system enhances POSTUREPEDIC QUALITY as each zone helps to conform to your body in a better way. Since the system has more springs in each square foot it increases the SUPPORT QUALITY AND DURABILITY of the mattress.

Our Bonnell Nile Spring mattress have springs made from high tensile carbon wire on their mattresses. The spring system is given a special heat anti-fatigue treatment and anti-rust oil treatment as they go through the manufacturing process which ensure the springs a long life. Springs have to be made of “SPRING STEEL” or “TEMPERED SPRING” not with mild steel. Spring steel springs/ Tempered springs cannot be crushed by a mere human’s weight and because of their springing capability they respond gently to different human weights. Our springs are produced in Taiwan and imported in already compressed form with tons of force and opened on site.


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