Standard Tape Edge (Sealed) Mattress -Butterfly

The one stop solution to all our Sleep problems is here , Our Tape Edge Foam mattress provides the ultimate comfort, stability and helps the body relax and give you the much needed recovery at affordable pircing.The Tapedge mattress is gives your excelent finish and the well fitted cover ensuring excellent look. Features 1) Breathable Fabric 2) Variety of designs to choose from 3) Pocket Freindly 4) Value for Money 5) Duurable 6) Easy to carry and install

74,000 UShs418,000 UShs

74x36 (6x3)74x36 (6x3)74x42 (6x3.5)74x42 (6x3.5)74x48 (6x4)74x48 (6x4)74x54 (6x4.5)74x54 (6x4.5)74x60 (6x5)74x60 (6x5)74x72 (6x6)74x72 (6x6)
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