Standard Open Mattress

Our Standard Mattresses are made of 20 density foam to provide universal comfort ensuring your body is relaxed and rejuvenated . It comes with one side open feature which enables you to wash , clean and put the cover back at regular intervals. They come in designs of Tulip, Floral, T-Design,

1) Easy to Clean
2) Universal Comfort ,
3) Varied designs available
4) Pocket Friendly

34,000 UShs337,000 UShs

74x30 (6x2.5)74x30 (6x2.5)74x36 (6x3)74x36 (6x3)74x42 (6x3.5)74x42 (6x3.5)74x48 (6x4)74x48 (6x4)74x54 (6x4.5)74x54 (6x4.5)74x60 (6x5)74x60 (6x5)74x72 (6x6)74x72 (6x6)
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