Smart Deluxe Mattress – Tomato Red

Our Smart Deluxe range of Tape edge mattress are designed to provide comfort feel and comfort. The foam used to curate this mattress is of 20 Density standard Foam – which ensures durability and gives you ultimate comfort . The tape edge all around the mattress corners gives it a strong build and support ensuring the mattress is strong and stays in shape for years to come . The fabric is breathable and easy to maintain which helps you to get a comfortable and good nights sleep . TAPE EDGE + BREATHABLE FABRIC + 20 DENSITY FOAM + DURABLE + VALUE FOR MONEY +

106,000 UShs421,000 UShs

74x36 (6x3)74x36 (6x3)74x42 (6x3.5)74x42 (6x3.5)74x48 (6x4)74x48 (6x4)74x54 (6x4.5)74x54 (6x4.5)74x60 (6x5)74x60 (6x5)74x72 (6x6)74x72 (6x6)
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