Smart Deluxe Mattress – Blue

Our Smart Deluxe range of Tape edge mattress are designed to provide comfort feel and comfort. The foam used to curate this mattress is of 20 Density standard Foam – which ensures durability and gives you ultimate comfort . The tape edge all around the mattress corners gives it a strong build and support ensuring the mattress is strong and stays in shape for years to come . The fabric is breathable and easy to maintain which helps you to get a comfortable and good nights sleep . TAPE EDGE + BREATHABLE FABRIC + 20 DENSITY FOAM + DURABLE + VALUE FOR MONEY +

106,000 UShs421,000 UShs

74x36 (6x3)74x36 (6x3)74x42 (6x3.5)74x42 (6x3.5)74x48 (6x4)74x48 (6x4)74x54 (6x4.5)74x54 (6x4.5)74x60 (6x5)74x60 (6x5)74x72 (6x6)74x72 (6x6)
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