Euro HD Memory Mattress

The euro HD Memory Foam Mattress is an innovative memory foam mattress that provides comfort and support where your body needs it most. Memory foam was initally developed by NASA for space shuttles because they needed a material which would adapt to varied tempratures. Memory foam responds to your body heat and weight regulating as per sleepers body temperature. The 25 density core foam with memory foam layer padding on both sides of the mattress makes it plush, ensuring a good night sleep. The Covers are made of knitted fabric and has zip which enables you to remove.

700,000 UShs1,275,000 UShs

3 x 6 ft (90 x 188 cm)3 x 6 ft (90 x 188 cm)4 x 6 ft ( 120 x 188 cm)4 x 6 ft ( 120 x 188 cm)5 x 6 ft (153 X 188 cm)5 x 6 ft (153 X 188 cm)6 x 6 ft (188 x 188 cm)6 x 6 ft (188 x 188 cm)
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