Deluxe Quilted Mattress – Leaf Strips

Our Deluxe Range of Tape Edge mattresses have been crafted with luxurious fabrics that enable you to experience plush comfort . The Tape Edge supports the mattress on all four sides ensuring the fabric is evenly and firmly spread providing ultimate support. The fabric design are pleasing to the eyes and are available in varied colours . The mattress is designed in a way that it helps the body to relax and recover adequately . TAPE EDGE + BREATHABLE FABRIC + 20 STANDARD DENSITY FOAM +DURABLE + VALUE FOR MONEY +

136,000 UShs446,000 UShs

74x36 (6x3)74x36 (6x3)74x42 (6x3.5)74x42 (6x3.5)74x48 (6x4)74x48 (6x4)74x54 (6x4.5)74x54 (6x4.5)74x60 (6x5)74x60 (6x5)74x72 (6x6)74x72 (6x6)
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